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African Dress Style - Represent Your Culture In Your Everyday Style

10 May, 2021

4 Tips to Represent Your Culture In Your Everyday Style

Your culture is a large part of who you are and your traditions, and sharing your culture with others is not only a great way to start conversations, but it’s also a way to show that you are proud of who you are. That being said, you may be wondering what the best way is to add a little bit of your culture into your everyday life?

At HawAmazing Design & Stitch, we focus on diverse cultural inclusion as one of our three principles, and you can see the diversity in the African dress style clothing and accessories that we create! We strive to connect our customers to Liberian culture through our clothes, so if you’re interested in learning more, visit our website and start shopping! In the meantime, continue reading below for a few more tips on how to represent your culture in your everyday style.

Start at the Top

Many different cultures have some sort of hat or headdress that is traditionally worn by people of that culture. An example of this is the African Manjah hat. There are many types of different headwear from around the world, and if your culture has a specific type of hat or headdress, consider making it a part of your everyday style. Not only could it add to your look, but it could also give others the excuse to strike up a conversation about your culture.

Incorporate Traditional Accessories & Jewelry

While some people like making bold statements with their clothing, others may like to add more subtle flair to their favorite ensembles. If that’s more your style, a great way to represent your culture in your everyday attire is to accessorize! You may have traditional pieces that are part of your culture, or there may be a certain style or pattern of jewelry that is worn in your culture. Whatever the case may be, you can never go wrong with accessories!

Shop HawAmazing’s Line of African-Inspired Clothing

One problem may be that you want to represent your culture, but you don’t have any clothing items that fit. In this case, or even if you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe, we recommend exploring HawAmazing’s collection of African-Inspired clothing! Even if you don’t have any cultural items of your own, there’s a good chance that HawAmazing will have clothing, accessories, or other items that will catch your eye. Consider exploring our collections to find items that fit your styles and taste.

Choose Traditional Prints

There may be full outfits that represent your culture, but if you’re looking for something simple that doesn’t stand out too much or that you can easily pair with some of your other favorite pieces, consider representing your culture with a pattern. Many cultures have a specific pattern or color scheme that represents their culture, and if that’s the case, you can wear pieces of clothing or accessories that feature that pattern so that you always feel as though your culture is with you.

Interested in learning more about Liberian culture? HawAmazing Design & Stitch is proud to share our Liberian roots through African dress style clothing and accessories, so if you’re interested in viewing our latest designs or learning more about our history, don’t hesitate to visit our online shop today!

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