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"Taste the Soup!"

14 Jul, 2020

"Taste the Soup!"

Why Pepper ("Pep-peh") Soup?

Well, Liberians LOVE Fufu and Soup. There are so many different kinds of soup but there's just something about Pepper Soup.

My mom's Pepper Soup is known in the community to be "Sweet". When Liberians say something is sweet we mean that it is EXTREMELY delicious. Pepper Soup is highly savory, a tad bit spicy and indescribably delicious.

I remember being in the kitchen watching my mother cutting up her vegetables, seasoning her meats and seafood, and getting that pot boiling. It always amazed me how cutting onions never seemed to burn her eyes. I suffer every time! Within seconds of the boil the fragrance of all the seasonings would fill the room. She would always say "Hawa, you have to take your time with soup. Don't rush it or you will spoil it." Now that I am older and can make it myself, I get it!

I want you to have that same feeling while you are making your own Pepper Soup at home. Cultivating ingredients into an everlasting flavorful bowl of deliciousness. You don't have to be Liberian to make it or to love it!

So, come and virtually join us Sunday, July 26th (Liberian Independence Day) with your "Sweet" homemade "Pep-peh" Soup, your "For Him" or "For Her" canvas and wearing your Limited Edition tee!

Register here. Deadline is Friday, July 17th!

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