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 Much like her homeland of Liberia (“Land of the Free”); both Hawa Lansanah, and her
path to the American Dream of entrepreneurship are quite unique.
Born the daughter of a diplomat; civil unrest displaced an eight-year old Hawa and her
family from their home in Liberia. Hawa suddenly found herself in America; a political refugee,
and a fish out of water. Taking out the trash and cooking her own meals were truly foreign
concepts to her...briefly. From a young age, Hawa’s humble spirit and desire to serve others
shown through. She dove into extra-curricular activities and clubs to learn everything she could
about her new community and how to improve it.
Continuing her studies at Savannah State College, an HBCU where she achieved her
Bachelors in Business Administration/Management, quickly followed by an MBA from the
University of Phoenix, were natural steps for a lifelong learner like Hawa. While at State, she
further cultivated the seeds of community service by pledging to the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority,
Inc.; naturally.
From getting out the vote, to coordinating a relay for the most widely known cancer
foundation in the U.S. for several years, Hawa constantly works to improve her community. She
continues to volunteer through her local Delta chapter as well. She also finds the time to grow
her career in both corporate and the classroom as an educator for several years in her local
school system.
No matter how far from “home” she’s traveled, Hawa keeps the spirit of Liberia alive. She
spends her downtime at home, perfecting her traditional cooking skills with family recipes
passed down for generations. She and her family routinely host events and are active fixtures in
the local Liberian community. These celebrations are open to Liberians and non-Liberians alike
so that everyone has the opportunity to learn about the culture.
As a fashionista, Hawa found it increasingly difficult to find fresh, authentic and unique
Liberian garments to wear to these functions. What did she do? She bought a sewing machine,
rolled up her sleeves and learned how to design and craft her own pieces by hand. Scouring the
aisles of fabric shops for hours to find the perfect pattern or print, became her passion. Hawa’s
creations became an instant hit and piqued a demand for quality Liberian pieces.
A Christmas 2016 trip back to Liberia would change everything for Hawa. In true fashion,
she didn’t return empty handed. She spent the months prior to her trip mobilizing the Gwinnett
County community to donate funds and staple items for the town in Liberia that so graciously
hosted her. She arrived with several shipping barrels full of desperately needed supplies.
Where most would’ve only seen a country with more problems than solutions, Hawa saw
a land and people; rich in history, culture, and love...if only. If only everyone could see the

beautiful black sand beaches, taste the flavorful cuisine, feel the vibrant, hand-crafted fabrics,
and experience the love of the people; the world would understand “hawamazing” the Land of
Liberia can be.
It’s that same sense of wonder and endless possibilities that Hawa has instilled in her
students, and lovingly packs into each curated box from HawAmazing Design & Stitch. Inside
you will find: high quality, handmade items, a delicious, local recipe for you to try at home, and a
Vai language lesson. The roots of Liberia grew from seeds planted in America, and to grow
outward, sometimes we must look inward. You’ll be surprised at just “hawamazing” your life can
be when you open your closet and mind to new cultures, lands, and languages.
Contact us today to open your next box of possibilities.
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