Meet Hawa Lansanah!

Hawa Lansanah is an extraordinary executive producer and the owner of all things “HAWAmazing.” Her ventures, HawAmazing Entertainment, LLC, and HawAmazing Design & Stitch, LLC, are dedicated to curating hands-on experiences, educating, and connecting people worldwide to the rich history, language, and traditions of Liberia.

Her designs are inspired from Liberian styles mixed with modern American trends.

Born in Belgium, a proud Liberian, Hawa’s life shifted due to civil unrest, leading her family to relocate from Kinshasa to the USA.  Passionate about community service, she embraced extracurriculars, earning a B.A. in Business Administration from Savannah State University, followed by an MBA. A member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Hawa actively enhances her community through fundraisers and service projects. Formerly a celebrated educator, she earned the title of Local Teacher of the Year. Now, she thrives in the corporate world, continuously shaping her remarkable journey.

She (and HawAmazing Design & Stitch, LLC) was also listed in the April 2022 Proclamation Celebrating Liberia’s Bicentennial issued by the Gwinnett County Chairwoman Nicole Love Hendrickson.

She was also a recipient of a Bicentennial Edition: Golden Image Award by the Liberia’s Crusaders for Peace in 2022. She was awarded the “International Young Achiever Award“. She was able to take a trip to Liberia to receive her award.


Her current passion project, the reality series “HAWAmazing 2 Love,” follows her journey to find love on her terms, giving viewers a glimpse into her family, culture, and life in America, proving that true love knows no boundaries. “HAWAmazing®” is not just a name, it’s a reflection of her incredible journey and determination.